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TMN 27 inch screen
10 February 2019

In a middle of rapidly growing urban populations, industry research hints that Out-of-Home advertising will become a major platform in advertisement and have a higher percentage reach than other media, like the internet and the television. In recent years, it has become a leading advertising medium than any other. With more people spending time outdoors, digital Out-of-Home is able to spread and influence mass audiences quickly and consistently. 

As a business that focuses on the use of Out-of-Home advertising, Target Media Nusantara (TMN) provides the most advanced panels to feature your advertisement. Our 27-inch screen is pre-built with I-beacon, 4G sim card slot, camera, and smart audio. Suitable for lift lobby and inside the lift of offices and apartment buildings, it provides a more engaging and effective advertisement to the audience since lift is isolated, has low disturbance, and has high frequency of use. People encounter lift advertisement at least ten times a day which makes it a golden opportunity to introduce your message to the audience.

Another advantage of using our screen is how it supports the innovation of your advertisement by providing different layout creations. Using split screens, clients could mix both animated and static content at the same time, depending on how they want to emphasize the message. The screen also promotes interactivity with the audience as it includes QR codes or promotion codes. Interactivity creates curiosity and makes Out-of-Home advertising much more memorable. The goals of these interactivity are to boost awareness of the brands, to directly transport them to the landing page of the said brands, or to encourage the audience/consumer to purchase and do transaction using the discount through the codes.

Our 27-inch screen is the right choice for you as it provides a clear and efficient platform to deliver your advertisement message to the audience.