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What Makes a Good DOOH Ad?
13 June 2019

According to a report from SJ Insight in 2014, people watched approximately 5,000 advertisements in a day, and within that number, only an average of 153 are taken notice of (Lister, 2019). The intense competition to grab the attention of the audience demands the brands to create a creative yet effective content for their advertisement. Here, we have compiled some points that will help you to make a good indoor Digital Out of Home  advertising to impress the audience.

The first point is a catchy headline/tagline. People rush in and out of the building in hurry; they barely have enough time to read each one of the advertisements that is being promoted. In fact, a study stated that the average attention span in 2015 is only around 8.25 seconds (“The Human,” 2018). Therefore, in order to grab their attention within those limited seconds, brands should create an impactful headline. The best kind of headlines usually consist of three to five words and include a key word that is specific for the brand (Lovering, n.d.). The example of this can be found in Zalora with its popular tagline: Tampil Selalu Baru, Hanya di Zalora (trans. Always New Style, Only in Zalora).

Another point is the use of creative content. Packed texts in an advertisement can be boring and overwhelm the audience. People don’t have time to read it. To compensate it, you can provide the right visual that conveys the narrative of the product and speaks the brand to them. The picture should be related to the brand, yet engaging to the target audience at the same time. Post a colourful picture of the product, the making process of it, or the time when customers were buying the product. Another way to make your product stands out more is the use of jingles. “Simple tunes with simple words virtually guarantee that the consumer will remember the advertisement, sometimes for years” (Wile, n.d.). Regardless, adding something visual or auditory will make your advertisement stands out more.


Next is the relevant content. Sure, your brand is important, but explaining the reasons why the audience should choose your product is really what it’s all about. After all, it’s one of the deciding factors for the customers to take it or leave it. This is where your unique advantage comes in handy. Let’s take an example of Bobobox. As one of the first capsule hotels in Indonesia, they offer one-of-a-kind experience of sleeping in a high-tech compact room. Their target is backpackers and millennials. By including the information in their advertisement, they provide benefits for the customers and unique advantage of the brand all at once.

The last point is the call to action. A good advertisement shouldn’t simply offer products, they should also encourage the audience to take action. Using QR code or voucher code is one effective move to trigger consumer behaviour. QR code is easy, efficient, and noticeable. You can use it to share information, give discounts, download an app, or follow a profile on social media (Ratna, 2019) Other effective call actions are to tell them where they can find the nearest store to get the item, persuade them to email you, or visit the website address. Thus, it is also important to include complete contact information on the advertisement, in case the customers want to check your brand further and more thoroughly.


All things considered, there are many more points you can add to make a good indoor DOOH advertising. The key is to be creative and have an out-of-the-box mindset as advertising is a powerful tool to raise brand awareness and make connection with your target customers.






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